The  aim of sorfert is to develop and maintain a close relationship with its clients and partners, in order to address their needs and the needs of its users.

This happens through a performing organization, in particular with regards to safe storage and a reliable logistics system (availability, quick-response),  which become more and more the unavoidable elements in regulated agreements. sorfert has storage areas available which allow sorfert to meet this requirement, in order to serve its clientsbetter, all the time.

The human resources of sorfert show a remarkable expertise, beyond any question. The professionalism of sorfert does in fact characterize the approach of sorfert, bet it for the quality of sorfert’s installations or for the level of training of sorfert’s teams. The challenge is such that sorfert has to face a twin requirement, i.e the requirement to produce in sufficient quantity and the requirement to produce in a way which is environment friendly.