It is sorfert’s policy to maintain business activities and products that do not adversely affect safety or health and that fit with the concept of sustainable development .
We have set ourselves the following objectives:

  • To provide an injury free and incident free workplace;
  • To prevent all work-related disabilities or health problems;
  • To control and minimize the risks associated with our product during their whole life cycle and to choose production processes and products in which the use of raw materials and energy is minimized;
  • To evaluate and improve our practices, processes and products continuously in order to make these safe and acceptable to employees, the customers, the public and the environment.

Policy implementation :
The policy implementation is supplied by the following management actions:

  • Issuing or updating a rolling Corporate Multiyear Plan, giving direction to the Business Groups and Staff Departments for setting concrete targets and specifying concrete actions in their own HSE plans;
  • Showing personal commitment to HSE and paying due attention to safety, health and environment in executive meetings and internal communication;
  • Endorsing an HSE organization for its support at corporate level and for embedding the policy and its implementation in the organization (HSE Council and for specific manufacturing issues the Manufacturing Council);
  • Systematically measuring, recording and reporting the HSE performance of sorfert Company and analysing the results in order to initiate improvement actions;
  • Providing training on sorfert’s HSE policy and implementation strategies and tools;
  • Issuing and periodically updating HSE requirements and monitoring their implementation through regular auditing by an Audit Committee.

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