nformation Day at Oran APW

Bridges must be built between the business community and its environment

As sorfert cares about getting the business community and its environment closer to each other, an Information and Awareness Day was organized by sorfert Algérie Spa, together with the committee for environment at the People’s Assembly of the Wilaya of Oran (APW) on 15 May 2015, in favour of actors in the association movements in the area of environment, elected officials and academics. The intent of this action, the first of its kind, was to serve as a bridge to lay the foundations for a true understanding between the business community and its environment.

This meeting held at the auditorium of the Wilaya of Oran was marked by a program led by the managers of sorfert Algérie Spa and it was exclusively dedicated to sorfert’s handling of the environment aspect. During this Information Day, emphasis was placed more particularly on the social and economic role of sorfert which is a major economic actor in the area. The employees and the direct and indirect jobs generated are an undeniable sign of its commitment to local development. The involvement of sorfert in several sponsorship’s actions and in many projects and actions of a social nature is a clear demonstration of its commitment to civic responsibility.

In any case, let’s highlight that this new kind of partnership is providing all parties with an opportunity to be freely involved in actions which are often of an innovative nature , in order to protect and upgrade our environment in all its aspects,  and also to build  strong and reliable partnership relations in an area which is rapidly changing and full of good prospects.